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7 quick tips for AUTOMATIC WATCHES


for many years automatic watches have been the masters of timepieces industry even many giants companies of watches like Rolex have been using this system of automatic despite the invention of quartz watches in 1955 by Japanese... I there are thousands of automatic watches sold out every year including low quality and high-quality automatic watches. today I'm going to tell 7 quick tips to help you buy a quality automatic watch

  • waterproof/water resistant 5atm and above

any good automatic must be waterproof if it's not waterproof must at least have the water-resistant rank of 5atm  this means its 50 meters deep in the water .suitable for swimming and diving. also, it's important to have waterproof features to protect internal parts from getting rust 

  • warrant card 

because these automatic  are very complicated  you will need to go to a seller who will provide you with the warranty card of 6 months or 1 years because sometime  those internal parts may need repair or sometimes when it malfunction you will need someone who will fix it properly  so warranty card is very important when you want to buy automatic watches 

  •   power reserve of 18or 28 hours

the best automatic watch must have to save its power to it mainspring for at least 18 hours to 28 hours but there are some automatic watches which can save power of to 48  hours  so this among of vital thing to consider when buying an automatic watch

  • country of production

best automatic watches are made in Geneve and Japan in the current year but if you want a really good and best automatic are those made in Switzerland Geneva. Switzerland its reading country in the production of quality automatic watches its home for professional watches maker even big watches companies HQ are found in Geneve
  • The BRAND 

the brand is among of good thing to consider.rolex is the best brand  to buy automatic watches is you have enough money  or a big budget for a small budget you can buy winner watch and pay on delivery 


automatic to last longer its dial glass it must sapphire glass to resist any intentional or unintentional scratch, this helps the watch to keep its original look and to look great all time 

  • material

for big budgets, you should consider it has pure gold or diamond and it's not fake and the retailer is authorized . for small budget it's easy you should consider its stainless steel its color won't discolor  in later times make sure your budget is not to low  if its to low  you will get fake watch
  • this is the watch I recommend you to buy if you have a small budget you will pay on delivery if you are living in Tanzania if you from abroad check me on whatsapp this watch 'is automatic/ watch and brand twinner its simple and attractive


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      Aneth - February 28, 2020

      Nina duka nahitaji mashati na suruali kwa Bei ya jumla

      Boris Mathis - July 7, 2018

      Useful Tips…Nice Blog…It is quite informative. Thanks for sharing it. I also love to wear the mechanical watches which I usually bought from at an affordable price.

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