The miracle of  bluetooth smart watch

The miracle of bluetooth smart watch


the smartphones have become part of our daily life since the 2010s  the introduction of Android smartphone changed the industry many companies produce gadgets or applications which will work with the smartphones. even watches industry has changed now there are many smartwatches  which are compatible with the smartphones but today we are going to talk about this famous Bluetooth smartwatch called skmei Bluetooth smartwatch the followings are miracles of this Bluetooth smartwatch

  • distance measure

this smart with help of Bluetooth is capable of measuring the distance you walk during a day or exercise it will give the exact distance in kilometers  you will get the distance result in your phone 
  • calories counter

nowadays many people are struggling to burn their excess calories through work out this watch will help  to know  how many calories you burnt during work out it will give the amount in  kcal this will help you to know how much you need burn per day

  • waterproof smartwatch

this skmei smartwatch its also waterproof you can swim with it or even get a shower with  it without fearing water its waterproof ability its 5atm.this is very good for waterproofing  the watch

  • pedometer

the Bluetooth smartwatch is capable of counting steps you make during work out it will you give the exact number of steps you made  so it will be easy for you to know how many  steps from one point to another 

  • call and text and call reminder

the Bluetooth smartwatch will  remind you when some calls you and your smartphone is away from you it will ring to notify about the call even if some text and the phone is away from you  it will notify you about the text too
  • where to buy it

you can order it below and pay and pay on delivery in all big cities in Tanzania  in Dar es Salaam will delivery in just  3hours and 24 hours outside the good thing about us you will pay on delivery


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Shabani Lameck - July 17, 2018

Good day team,

I real appreciate the watch you sell, I have a question to you. if a costumer living out of Dar Es Salaam how can make payment, Do you have a branches for example lake zone.

Shabani Lameck
Snr WHS Specialist
Acacia Mining PLC

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