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276,000.00 TZS
138,000.00 TZS


Smooth Pan and Tilt Monitoring Camera head are rotatable with 350°pan and 90°tilt.

You can control it via the app and get a sweeping view.
 Clear Two-Way Audio
Camera is built with microphone and speaker.
So you can talk to your kids via your smartphone remotely whenever you want.
 P2P Remote Access
Thanks to the convenient P2P technology,
Now you can view the live footage on the iCsee / XMEye app
 Real Plug and Play
By supporting one-touch Wi-Fi connection function,
not a single Ethernet cable is needed in the whole network connection process.
 Motion detection and Alarm Recording
 Motion detectionworks perfectly with App Message Alarm (No photo)
 Making sure you are always the first one to get informed when things happen.
 Support Multi-user Viewing
Support Android Iphone IOS Smart Mobile Phone, Tablet,
Laptop Use More Real-time Monitoring Terminal, Support 4 online visitors simutaneoursly.


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TABIA MATEMU: "wow nice  n helpful"

NICK STAMBULI:  "kitu  hiki  ni moto wa chini kwa chini nimeweka sebuleni"

ASAJILE KAGILE: "asante  nimepata huku mwanza natumia tu vizuri haina shida kabisa" 

ANDOWISE LURAYI:  "hapa nimeweka dukani kwangu inasaidia sana kujua nini kinaendelea"

GILE KATINDI:  "naona hata  nikiwa kazini asante sana"